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Lucky Peach, the indie food mag launched by Momofuku's owner and chef David Chang and writer Peter Meehan in 2011, graduated from its Tumblr page to a fully grown-up (but still funky) website. Gathering food world titans Anthony Bourdain and Ruth Reichl, you get a proper home for many features such as articles, recipes, videos, photo essays and comics. Just like its magazine, the web design has been geeked out to reflect the edgy, weird and loud soul of Lucky Peach.


Funky Design

The goal was to create an art direction that would reflect Lucky Peach’s eclectic feel without making it too much of a mess. Basically, we wanted organized chaos. After all, the content is what is important here.


Mobile First

We heard from our data clerks that most of our traffic was from mobile devices. We just couldn’t resist making something true to our readers without compromising the experience. 



Lucky Peach Guides are the entertaining and in-depth answers to all your questions about how to cook, eat, travel, shop, and live better - selected by experts in the field. When we say “in-depth” we mean you get to scroll down to learn more about a single subject. 



Atlas is a curated selection of restaurant recommendations from LP’s most well-travelled,
well-spoken and in-the-know friends. 



Lucky Peach’s eclectic trove of essays, columns, interviews, profiles, and travelogues is constantly updated, ever informative, often funny, and never dull.



For users who prefer moving images to words, this section is filled with videos.



For those who are looking to go beyond basic, this section is dedicated to eager cooking enthusiasts. 


A magazine, of Course

For touchy-feely users out there, this section is dedicated to selling (coffee table-worthy) books as well as printed Lucky Peach magazines.


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Digital Art Direction - Pascale Charbonneau
Digital Design - Etienne Dionne
Creative Direction - Bruno Choinière
Project Management - Vincent Paradis, Nicolas Francoeur
Client relations - Janie Chartier
Client - Lucky Peach
Agency - Akufen Studio