McCord Museum

McCord Museum of Montreal



Promoting a World of History

he McCord Museum celebrates the past and present life of Montreal: its history, its people and its communities.  The museum has had an online presence for 18 years now, welcoming more than a million visitors per year.


Serving the User First

After many work sessions, the website has been completely readapted to the McCord Museum's needs. The content and its hierarchy are now prioritized, making access to the main information easy and the user experience much simple.



Invigorating art direction

With a new colour code and more accessible information, exhibitions and activities are easier to discover, as is all useful information for planning a visit.


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Digital Art Direction - Pascale Charbonneau
Creative Direction - Bruno Choinière
Project Management - Marilyne Lacombe
Client relations - Janie Chartier
Client - McCord Museum
Agency - Akufen Studio