Montreal Holocaust Museum Center



Beyond the story

Montreal's Holocaust Museum Centre features the history of the Holocaust told by its survivors. Through life stories of Montreal survivors, the Museum invites visitors to reflect on the destruction caused by prejudice, racism and anti-Semitism. It is only natural that the information should be accessible on a website customized for storytelling, and imagery to help users understand the tragedy.


Clear Navigation

MHMC (Montreal Holocaust Museum Centre) has a variety of content, from video archives, to rare objects collected by the survivors. The focus remains the stories, but there is also the visiting information and news to consider. The main and second navigation help users find what they are looking for.


Forever mobile friendly

It is only natural that the museum's website should be responsive. For users on the go or the iPad fanatic at home, the platform was built to be adapted to any device.


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Digital Art Direction - Pascale Charbonneau
Digital Design - Etienne Dionne
Creative Direction - Bruno Choinière
Project Management - Nicolas Francoeur
Client - Montreal’s Holocaust Museum
Agency - Akufen Studio