Montreal International Documentary Festival



Web that Tells Tales

The RIDM (French acronym for "Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal”) was founded in 1998 by documentary filmmakers who wanted to create a platform for new perspectives and innovative practices in documentary filmmaking. For their 19th edition, RIDM decided it was time to create a web platform that does justice to their rich content. Just like the festival promised, to provide an exploration to new perspectives, the layout was designed to allow for the discovery of random themes and subjects.


A grid for the User

We created a mobile first design that was adapted to tablets and desktops. The technology team also developed an interactive component where you can add events  and buy tickets directly from the calendar. 


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Digital Art Direction - Pascale Charbonneau
Digital Design - Etienne Dionne
Creative Direction - Bruno Choinière
Project Management - Nicolas Francoeur
Client - RIDM
Agency - Akufen Studio