Sprout LA

Sprout LA focuses on collaborating with hospitality and culinary talent to provide unique dining experiences in Los Angeles. We support and highlight the passion, dedication and creative direction of our chef partners.


sprout la

From browsing to eating

Sprout LA is an innovative & distinctive restaurant group focused on partnership with talented chefs and bartenders, to provide unique dining experiences in Los Angeles. They own more than a dozen restaurants (and still growing), each with its own unique offering and personality. 


Twelve restaurants, one adaptable template

Because there is only one hospitality group managing 12 very different restaurants, me and the team of UX designers and developers had to find a creative and efficient template that would serve them all. The tricky part was making sure that each site expressed the restaurants own look and feel. 




"The concept for Bestia juxtaposes decorative contemporary elements against a raw, industrial space dripping with character. This approach pays homage to sophisticated modern-day Italian spaces, which often integrate contemporary interiors into centuries-old structures."



Rose Restaurant

"Rose Cafe is an iconic restaurant in the heart of Venice, serving locals and travelers alike since 1979. The bakery celebrates American classics, as well as some of the original Rose bakery classics re-conceptualized with their innovative techniques."



Multiple designs, one template

From cultural to ingredient-driven concepts, each restaurant has a unique story and offer. But in the end, they all have the same objective - to have costumers come to their restaurant. With that simple principal in mind, we were able to develop a template that can look different depending on the restaurant, but also answer the needs of everyone. 



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Digital Art Direction - Pascale Charbonneau, Etienne Dion, Catherine Marois
Creative Direction - Bruno Choinière
Project Management - Chrystelle Drolet, Stéphanie Émond
Client relations - Janie Chartier
Agency - Akufen Studio